For many people, finding the perfect pair of shoes is as simple as the click of a mouse. Whether you are looking for casual shoe wear, hiking boots, dress shoes, athletic wear, or comfortable slippers, you can find the right selection and price by visiting


When the word looks for fine artisanship, E.T. Wright is the first port of call. E.T. Wright has been synonymous with fine crafted footwear for well over a century. The Handcrafted leather footwear products at E.T. Wright, primarily Italian, are made from the finest materials available. For the distinguishing gentleman, E.T. Wright is the top choice for fine selections in men's casual, athletic, and dress shoes. No matter what the style of shoe or size of your foot, E.T. Wright will have an array of selections for you to choose from.

The pride in craftsmanship is still time-honored, and requires meticulous skill and work. Those in the know can tell the difference. That's because the people at E.T. Wright, for many generations, have placed tremendous pride and satisfaction in creating the very best in men's footwear the world over.

If you're the sports and athletic minded type, New Balance is the perfect choice for cross training or running. On the golf course, you can look and feel your best in the Brockton or Brookwood golf shoe. And for those special dress or business occasions, Manganese provides such fine styles as Guadiana, Ibiza, Leon, Ammando, and Baza. There are also well-respected brands for the outdoorsman: Chatfield, Donatello, and Heathwood to name a few.

The footwear at E.T. Wright is designed with complete comfort in mind. The foot has three main arches: longitudinal, metatarsal, and transverse. All three are cushioned and supported by the E.T. Wright Arch Preserver-which is also designed to evenly distribute your body weight. The effect is instantaneous. Each step you take is softened and your overall foot stability is enhanced tremendously. At E. Wright, the entire line of footwear is dedicated to men who understand and appreciate fine crafted footwear.

Shopping online at E.T. Wright is easy, and you can search by style, name brand, or size. The guarantees are straightforward, and the return policy is one that you would expect from such a prestigious store. Discover today why customers come back again and again for the rich appearance and fine craftsmanship at E.T. Wright. Excellence is just a click away at

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